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ATTN: Paltech is permanently closed. 
The Micro-polishing process was developed in order to restore antique auto parts to their original condition.
The Micro-polishing process does not remove any of the parts material; it merely removes the metal oxide layer. The Micro-polishing process will polish parts inside & outside and will also polish down & into engraving, stampings, casting marks etc. to keep the part as originally manufactured.
The process seals the micro pores in the material to provide a long lasting finish. The process finish will outlast typical bead blasting restoration finishes by at least ten times in similar environments.
 Triumph TR4 Zenith Stromberg Carb & Intake Manifold  Datsun 240Z SU Carb body Micropolished before rebuilding SU Carb Float Bowl Lid. Micropolished

The Micro-polishing process entails a trade secret muti-mechanical motion using custom made equipment & custom formulated media that are not available on the market.

There are no chemicals used in the process.
Currently the equipment can process parts up to 15 pounds and 36 inches in length.  NOTE: Sorry but we cannot polish any rocker covers.

If you have any questions about the Micro-polishing process or if you have a part that you would to have Micro-polished, feel free to give me a call: