SU Carburettor Rebuild Rebuilding & Restorations


Paltech Technologies LLC


SU & Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration

We are now offering TR250 & TR6 triple SU Hitachi Carb conversion kits as well as just the 3 carbs to fit your existing triple carb intake manifolds. Must see this long ask for setup.

Check the custom setups page for details.

Do you have a Vintage set of Weber (all types) or Solex carbs that need restoration?

Check the Weber Solex page for prices.

Also check the Volvo Zenith Stromberg Marine carb restoration services.



Current turn-around time is about 2-4 weeks as of December 2017.

As always: included in the SU type carb rebuilds we included a Lathe Mirror polishing of the suction chambers. See pictures. We also offer that lathe Type polishing service for your carbs that are already rebuilt.

The cost for SU carb rebuilding, restoration & bench testing of most pairs is $595.00  + fully insured UPS ground return shipping in the continental US. 

Call 440-570-1932 or email for exact pricing.

Zenith Stromberg carb rebuilding, restoration & bench testing is $575.00 a pair.

Datsun SU Hitachi carb rebuilding, restoration & bench testing cost is $575.00 a pair right now continuned as a popular Winter 2016 special, Normally $650.00

Thank You for your interest.

We are currently purchasing Jaguar or Austin Healey 2" SU HD8 carbs.   Call 440-570-1932

Paltech Micropolishing LLC

Jeff Palya
3931 Miller Dr.
Brunswick, OH 44212

Phone: 440-570-1932

We accept major credit cards (MC, VISA) as well as personal checks & money orders.

We are offering complete Datsun 240Z & 260Z plus Datsun 1500 1600 510 & 2000 Roadster SU carb & intake manifold rebuilding & restoration. Check the Datsun page.

We are also offering the rebuilding, restoration and bench testing of the Mercedes Benz and BMW Zenith 35-40 INAT carbs. Check out the page.


Volvo Zenith Stromberg Marine Carbs
Datsun 240Z Carbs Intake Heat Shield & Linkage

Welcome to Paltech Micro-polishing.

The Micro-polishing process was developed by myself (A chemical & Processing engineer) in order to restore antique auto parts to their original condition. The Micro-polishing process does not remove any of the parts material; it merely removes the metal oxide layer. The Micro-polishing process will polish parts inside & outside and will also polish down & into engraving, stampings, casting marks ect. to keep the part as originally manfactured. The process seals the micro pores in the material to provide a long lasting finish. The process finish will outlast typical bead blasting restoration finishes by at least ten times in similar environments.

The Micro-polishing process entails a trade secret muti-mechanical motion using custom made equipment & custom formulated media that are not available on the market. There are no chemicals used in the process.
Currently the equipment can process parts up to 15 pounds and 36 inches in length.  NOTE: Sorry but we cannot polish any rocker covers.

If you have any questions about the Micro-polishing process or if you have a part that you would to have Micro-polished feel free to email: or call 440-570-1932 for information.


Triumph Spitfire EUROSetup.JPG
Spitfrie EURO 1-1/2" Setup

Jaguar V12 ZS175CD Carbs

GT6 Triple ZS150 Setup

TR8 ZS175CD Setup

TR250 ZS175CD Carb Pair

Volvo SU HS6 Carbs

MB & BMW Zenith 35/40 Carb Pair

Mercedes Benz & BMW Zenith 34/40 INAT carbs.

Rebuilt, restored and bench tested.

$750.00 for your pair which includes fully insured UPS ground return shipping in the continental US. 


Austin-Healey 3000 SU Carb & Intake Manifold assembly. Rebuilt & Restored


Datsun 240Z SU Carb body Micropolished before rebuilding.


Triumph TR6 Rebuilt & Restored ZS Carbs & Intake Manifold Assembly


Weber Carb Intake Manifolds Restored.

Jaguar XK150 SU HD6 Setup

Jaguar XK150 SU HD6 Carb & Intake Manifold Assembly Rebuilt & Restored


SU Carb Float Bowl Lid. Micropolished.


Triumph Stag Zenith Stromberg Carbs & Intake.


Triumph TR4 Zenith Stromberg Carb & Intake Manifold.


Jaguar XKE Triple SU carb & Intake Manifold.