Datsun SU Conversions

Datsun 240Z & 260Z SU carb setup conversion

Datsun 240Z & 260Z SU carb setup conversion from flat top to round top carbs. Built like the non-US setups. Looks original and most wont notice the difference.

The conversion setups we build will pass emissions if your emissions equipment are working correctly with an engine in good operating condition.

Cost for the conversion is $750.00* which includes 2 fully rebuilt, restored & bench tested round top 3 screw carbs, all linkage, heat shield restoration & modification for carb return springs.  Intake manifold restoration and assembly of carbs to intake with new gaskets and hardware. Ready to mount and run with minor tuning i.e. idle speed and fine mixture adjustment.

If your intake still has the vacuum parts and you need to keep them and have them restored the cost is extra. Call 440-570-1932 for prices.

 Return shipping in the continental US included.

*We required you to send in your complete original flat top carb setup, intake with emissions equipment, linkage, heat shield for the conversion.

Outright price for the conversion is $850.00 if we have them in stock.

Note we can also supply an early intake without any emissions equipment if you don’t need to pass emissions. Call for information.

Datsun 260Z Conversion Kit

260Z Conversion Kit
2 rebuilt, restored & bench tested 3 screw Datsun 240Z carbs with special 260Z meetering needles.
2 carb return springs with mounting hardware.
Carb to carb linkage plus custom made adjustable linkage upright part. Not pictured but included.
Adjustable linkage upright part is needed to keep the correct linkage geometry.
No need to bend or modify your old linkage parts.
Cost: $650.00 No Core Needed.