Sending expensive carburetor’s through the mail is risky, especially to someone you don’t know personally.

Hopefully with these screenshots of online reviews from MG forums, such as The MG Experience, as well as an Ebay profile, will put some ease that we will take care of your carburetor rebuild project with respect.

The MG Experience Comments and Reviews

Has anybody used Paltech Technologies? Comment from The MG Experience

The MG Experience is an online MG-focused forum where MG owners ask technical questions about their car, repairs, tools, etc.

Above, a user asked the community about Paltech to see if they’re a reliable carb company.

You can see the all the comments on The MG Experience, but here are the highlights:

review on paltech1 from The MG Experience

Review on Paltech that said carbs look great and the polishing process is the bestUser on The MG Experience agreeing with positive reviews from other users

Paltech Ebay Profile Stats

Before having a website, I sold almost exclusively on Ebay. Since 2000, I’ve been handling customers’ carburetor’s with respect and care. Please check out my Ebay profile filled with positive reviews and comments.

Here are my Ebay stats, hopefully they will give you confidence that I will take care of your carbs like they were one of my own. Thank you!

ebay profile stats for Paltech