Zenith Stromberg Carbs

Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuilding & Restoration

Zenith Stromberg Carb Rebuild

We Specialize in custom SU carbs SU Hitachi carbs & Zenith Stromberg carbs in “single & multiple” carb setups. We also build custom linkage assemblies.

The setups range from a TR7 SU carb conversion (Pictured) to triple TR250 & TR6 Zenith Stromberg carbs & SU carb setups, 2″ SU carb TR6 setups, late model Spitfire & Midget dual & single SU conversions ect.

If you have a unique application that you would like to have built, call and I will be happy to discuss.

TR250 TR6 Triple SU Hitachi Kit

TR250 TR6 Triple SU Hitachi Kit

Triumph TR250 & TR6 SU Hitachi triple Carb conversion kit: includes 3 rebuilt, restored & bench tested SU Hitachi 1.81″ (46mm) carbs, triple carb conversion manifold kit & cable  linkage assy to firewall, Fully assembled & ready to mount & run. $1695.00. Optional Add carb to carb to carb fuel system: 2 Tee’s + rubber hose & clamp set $65.00
We are also offering just the 3 SU Hitachi carbs & cable linkage to retrofit your existing triple ZS175CD carb setup. Cost is $1175.00 The SU Hitachi triple carb setup offers 30% more total air/fuel than the 3 ZS carbs, much more simplier tuning plus any standard SU carb mixture needle availability to tune your engine build.

Triumph TR250 TR6 TVR Triple Zenith Stromberg Carbs

 Triumph TR250 TR6 TVR Triple Zenith Stromberg Carbs

Triumph TR250 TR6 TVR Triple Zenith Stromberg Carbs setup  for the Goodparts triple carb conversion intake kit.

$950.00 outright $825.00 to fully rebuild, restore, setup your “third” carb & bench test. 

Triumph TR250 TR6 TVR GT6 triple ZS carb

Triumph TR250 TR6 TVR GT6 triple ZS carb

Complete setups ready to bolt on using “Goodparts” Triple Carb Intake Conversion Kit & triple carb fuel line.              NOTE: We Micro-polish the Goodparts triple intakes which is included in the cost.

$1695 out-right cost or $1495 with the trade in of your complete & rebuildable original dual carbs, intake & linkage. Add $50.00 for the triple stainless steel fuel line kit.

 Perfect for stock to highly modifed TR6 engines. The Stock engine triple ZS carb setup will give you increased throttle response & horsepower as well as returning good fuel economy. Carbs can be modified & setup to deliver up to 185hp on modified engines & be totally streetable.

Triumph TR250 & TR6 2″ SU Carb upgrade setup

Triumph TR250 & TR6 2" SU Carb upgrade setup.

TR250 TR6 Hitachi SU Carb Conversion Setup

TR250 TR6 Hitachi SU Carb Conversion Setup

Triumph TR3 TR4 TR250 TVR TR6 & TR7 SU Hitachi 46mm Carb Upgrade Setups. Look closely here, Yes those are Datsun 240Z SU carbs installed on the TR6 intake utilizing the stock linkage setup.

The Hitachi 46mm carbs flow 10% more (each with the Paltech flow optimatization) than the ZS175CD carbs and 20% more (each) than the British SU HS6 carbs. Plus the Hitachi carbs deliver better air/fuel atomization for more power and efficiency. The Hitachi carbs use the standard SU mixture needles for any engine modifications.

Pricing: $895.00 outright (complete SU Hitachi 46mm carbs, intake & linkage all assembled)  or $795.00 if you trade in your ZS carbs and we use your intake & linkage.

Please contact for similar pricing on the TR3 TR4, TR250 & TR7

Triple ZS175CD Carbs on Etype Intake

Triple ZS175CD Carbs on Etype Intake

Late model Jaguar E type 4.2L conversion from 2 Zenith Stromberg carbs to triple Zenith carbs.  

A unique solution to the very limited & expensive triple SU HD8 carbs, intake & linkage conversion.

Please call  440 570 1932 for pricing. Thanks for your interest!